• Edmund Eva +
    George Baldwin

    eegb build machines that draw. George Baldwin pursues code as his medium and Edmund Eva builds mechanical tools to create imagery.

  • Katharina

    Katharina Meyer is trained as historian of technology and arts+media administration and curates knowledge and exhibition. At STATE Festival…

  • Mareike Ottrand

    Mareike Ottrand is half professor and mentor, half game illustrator based in Hamburg, Germany.

  • Selam X

    Sebastian Zimmerhackl (Selam X) is the person who already said the next sentence before you fully follow what he just told you.

  • Philipp Pfeffermann
    + Timm Stobbe

    Philipp Pfeffermann and Timm Stobbe play the long hidden treasure of electronic music – The modular synthesizer.

  • Dries De Roeck
    + Ricardo Brito

    Ricardo is Lead Service Designer with Futurice Berlin and Dries a next generation alchemist, Researcher and Designer at studio dott.

  • Arzu Uyan

    Project and relationship manager at 42dp Labs & M7173 Crew Member

  • Maja Schinköthe
    + Falk Neumann

    Maja and Falk, team members of DeinRaum, a coworking space built up over a period of three semesters by students of the HTW Berlin and…

  • Moritz Riesewieck

    Moritz Riesewieck is an author, stage director, and documentary producer at Schauspiel Dortmund. His latest project „After Manila” explores the…

  • Dr. Viktor Bedö

    Dr. Viktor Bedö Viktor is a Berlin-based street game designer, researcher and innovation consultant.

  • Dr. Lina Yassin

    Dr. Lina Yassin is a researcher and lecturer for Neuroscience at the Charité Medical School.

  • Prof. Dr.
    Martin Kiel

    Prof. Dr. Martin Kiel leitet für die codecentric AG den Standort Dortmund und als Direktor den Thinktank the black frame. Seit 2015…

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