Dr. Lina Yassin

Dr. Lina Yassin is a researcher and lecturer for Neuroscience at the Charité Medical School.

Talk: Cereberal Design - How our brain uses Design Thinking to manage information and what businesses can learn from it. (englisch)
Time: 16:15
Location: Kino

About the Speaker:

Lina earned her PhD in Neuroscience from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, focusing on learning and memory, in 2004. She has been conducting electrophysiological research for the past 20 years and published many articles in high impact factor journals such as Neuron. Next to pursuing her career as a researcher and lecturer she received a degree in acting and holds certificates in Scrum, UX and Design Thinking.

She also runs an initiative for promoting the Arabic language and culture and speaks five languages. Dr. Yassin is eager to combine the accuracy of a scientist, the creativity of a theatre enthusiast and the systematic approach of a teacher to create better services that will empower people.

About the Talk:

When it comes to management, our brain is the master. It manages information and executes functions while continuously adapting to change. How does our brain respond to external and internal stimuli? What approach does our brain take to store and manage information? How do neurones collaborate to achieve new and complex information processing tasks? Is there a way to apply and scale this approach in teams and organisations?

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